Which enterprises are participating in Shenyang Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition

you’re talking about the pharmaceutical machinery exhibition. The following is an exhibitor of a museum. Take a look
e1-v1 high-speed blister packaging machine of uman packaging technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. more information & gt& gt;
e1-v2 fitter (Nanjing) tablet press Machinery Co., Ltd. double discharge high-speed rotary tablet press more information & gt& gt;
e1-v3 famaga (Guangzhou) packaging equipment Co., Ltd. automatic electronic counting production line, labeling machine and cartoning machine more information & gt& gt;
e1-v4 METTLER TOLEDO high precision weighing module more information & gt& gt;
e1-v5 Belgium neoceram Co., Ltd. China Representative Office ceramic products more information & gt& gt;
e1-v6 Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. building and industrial control, automation and drive solutions more information & gt& gt;
e1-v7 Meinuo (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. commercial washing machines, large cleaning machines for laboratories and cleaning and disinfection machines more information & gt& gt;
e1-v8 lejiawen Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. capsule filling machine, polishing machine, electronic micropore leak detector more information & gt& gt;
e1-v9 Watson Marlow peristaltic pump, hose pump, hose and filling machine more information & gt& gt;
more information about e1-v10 pall filter (Beijing) Co., Ltd. sterilization filter, deep filter, ultrafiltration system, ultrafiltration membrane package and other products & gt& gt;
e1-v11 speasak Engineering (China) Co., Ltd. clean steam generator and clean heat exchanger more information & gt& gt;
e1-v12 more information about bioreactors, fermentation tanks, bioengineering upstream and downstream systems, sanitary containers and heat exchangers of Shanghai Sensong pharmaceutical equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. & gt& gt;
more information about famadosson modular plant & gt& gt;
e1-v13 domino logo Technology Co., Ltd. more information about inkjet printer and printer & gt& gt;
e1-v14 Jiumao automation (Dalian) Co., Ltd. analysis instrument, pressure instrument, temperature switch, dial thermometer, temperature transmitter more information & gt& gt;
e1-v15 more information about fluid process system equipment and particle monitoring system of Beijing guoruitai Technology Co., Ltd. & gt& gt;
e1-v16 more information about pipe fittings of Shanghai Shiyi Bioengineering Co., Ltd. & gt& gt; e1-v18 Beijing xinhengneng Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd., Ge total organic carbon analyzer of the United States and particle counter of PMS company. More information & gt& gt;
e1-v19 Germany Kurtz group hot stamping foil, hot stamping die and hot stamping machine more information & gt& gt;
e1-v20 fogo industrial media “process industry”, “modern packaging” more information & gt& gt;
e1-v21 Bosch packaging technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. ampoule bottle filling and sealing production line, capsule filling machine and bag filling molding packaging machine more information & gt& gt;
e1-v22 Hong Kong Aoxing Co., Ltd. pure water machine, multi effect distilled water machine, class 100 dry heat sterilization cabinet, CIP system, clean room more information & gt& gt;
more information about e1-v23 kiie (Beijing) Freeze Drying Technology Co., Ltd. freeze dryer and automatic feeding and discharging system & gt& gt;
more information about tablet press, high shear granulation, fluidized bed drying, pellet making, coating, tablet pressing and liquid pharmaceutical system of kiie Engineering Technology (China) Co., Ltd. & gt& gt;
e1-v24 igus drag chain bearing storage trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. engineering plastic bearing and high flexible cable more information & gt& gt;
e1-v25 German Plummer group PP and non PVC filling and sealing machine, plastic bottle /glass bottle filling and sealing machine, sterile filling and sealing machine more information & gt& gt;
e1-v26 SISP international group shell and tube heat exchanger more information & gt& gt;
e1-v27 Baker brand air pump equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. vacuum pump more information & gt& gt;
e1-v28 Kaichuang (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. measuring scale and conveying system more information & gt& gt;
e1-v29 more information about film blowing extruder and thermoforming equipment of German kaifuer Co., Ltd. & gt& gt;
e1-v30 International Pharmaceutical Engineering Association pharmaceutical industry technical guide, including benchmark guide, good automated production practice guide, ISPE good practice guide, more information & gt& gt;
e1-v31 new drug delivery system, new packaging mode and special pharmaceutical equipment of Hanhui (Shanghai) Representative Office of Germany more information & gt& gt;
e1-v32 Shanghai Sansheng Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. sterile heat exchanger, mirror spotlight, manhole more information & gt& gt;
e1-v33 Huangjiang Technology Co., Ltd. automatic foreign matter detection machine, horizontal roll injection bottle labeling machine, granulator, bottle sorting machine, labeling machine and capping machine more information & gt& gt;
more information about SV high-speed pharmaceutical filling and packaging production line and multi row liquid strip filling and packaging machine of Dongyang Machinery Manufacturing Institute of e1-v34 Co., Ltd. & gt& gt;
e1-v35 Jiangsu only one Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. strip packaging whole line system, automatic high-speed canning system, flexible bag packaging whole line system and secondary packaging whole line system more information & gt& gt;
e1-v36 Thermo Fisher Scientific (China) Co., Ltd. analyzer and detector more information & gt& gt;
e1-v37 aisjie pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office full automatic capsule filling machine, blister packaging machine and cartoning machine more information & gt& gt; more PMMI Manufacturing Association & VGT& gt;
e1-v39 British processing and packaging machinery association ppma more information & gt& gt;
e1-v40 Indian pharmaceutical and chemical foundation 26th India International Chemical Equipment Exhibition more information & gt& gt;

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