What are the three principles of food packaging design

food is the most important thing for the people. It can be said that the food industry is developing faster and faster, and everyone has food demand. Of course, it is also increasing day by day. With the improvement of people’s living standards and consumption purchasing power, more consumers begin to pay attention to food packaging design when buying food. Therefore, food manufacturers should follow certain principles in the design of packaging boxes
principle 1: conform to the food theme
different food sales, of course, should have different styles and themes for food packaging design. For dessert foods such as bread, you may choose some boxes with very beautiful packaging for design. For fresh fruits, you may choose some boxes with very good permeability and freshness for design, so different food themes have different designs
principle 2: compliance with health standards
food is something to be imported. Especially in modern society, food safety and health is a very sensitive topic. Therefore, when designing food packaging boxes, we must pay attention to compliance with health standards. This rigid principle must not be ignored. Moreover, through very hygienic food packaging boxes, we can also reflect the intentions and dedication of food manufacturers, Attract more consumers
principle 3: novelty and beauty
of course, delicious food needs beautiful decoration, so novelty and beauty are also the most important factors in many food packaging design principles. After all, now consumers’ aesthetic perspective has begun to improve. In order to ensure everyone’s food enjoyment, we must pay attention to the design, because only in this way can we pay more attention to our own brand jewelry, This has a great role in promoting the production, sales, publicity and promotion of food.

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