There are several types of packers

Is how many types of balers are often used

types of Baling Machines:
baling machine series products include: automatic baling machine, semi-automatic baling machine, full-automatic baling machine, pressurized baling machine, etc. baling machine products have passed CE, SO9001 and other domestic and foreign certification
1. By use: waste paper baler, metal baler, straw baler, cotton baler, plastic baler, etc.
2 By performance: automatic baler, semi-automatic baler, manual baler, full-automatic baler, etc.
3 According to the mechanism: unmanned packer, full-automatic horizontal packer, full-automatic sword piercing packer, full-automatic pressurized sword piercing packer, full-automatic pressurized packer, portable packer, etc
classification according to its use:
1 Manual packer: manual operation is required to complete the whole process. Under normal circumstances, there are ways of electric hot melting and iron buckle clamping
2. Semi automatic baling machine: after manually inserting the baling belt, the machine will automatically complete the packing process of belt gathering, bonding, cutting and belt out. Since each product requires manual operation, the relative efficiency is low
3. Automatic baling machine: no manual tape insertion is required. The triggering methods include inching, manual, continuous playing, ball switch and foot switch. Just press the switch to automatically complete the packing, which is convenient and fast

4. Full automatic unmanned baling machine: no manual tape insertion, just setting: automatically complete the whole process of tape gathering, bonding, cutting and tape out. According to the demand, 1-5 bales can be customized, with the speed of 2.0 seconds /pass

the full-automatic packer is applicable to the automatic packaging and bundling of goods of various sizes in the food, medicine, hardware, chemical, clothing, postal and other industries. It can complete the packaging of cartons, paper, letters, medicine boxes, hardware tools, ceramic products, auto parts, daily chemical products, sports goods, light industrial equipment, etc
modular aluminum alloy bow frame design, convenient for disassembly and assembly; Fully automatic function design, easy to use; The packaging function is perfect, and the motor stops immediately after packaging, which saves power and is practical. The maximum size of the bundle is determined by the bow frame, which can be customized according to the needs of users. The main components of the machine, such as motor, reducer, cam and tightening arm, operate smoothly, with soft packing action, strong packing force, good durability, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

there are two types of Baling Machines: one is a baling machine that uses strapping belts to wrap products or packages, and then tightens and melts both ends through thermal effect or connects them with buckles and other materials. The other one is a compression packer equipment used to compress recycled articles such as waste, garbage, plastics and waste paper. Changji Shuoyuan plastic products processing factory is a manufacturer specializing in the production and wholesale of packaging belts. It has been engaged in the production of packaging materials for many years with strong technical force The packing belts produced by the company are mainly medium and high-grade, with complete categories, many varieties and good quality. The main products are PP pure transparent, translucent, sandwich, non sandwich and other packing belts of various specifications

manual baling machine, semi-automatic baling machine and full-automatic baling machine are divided into: metal baling machine, plastic belt baling machine

there are many kinds of Baling Machines: however, there are many online stores and many trading companies, One thing we all have in common is that (we need to save space and space, so the required packer is small and powerful). Some people say that it would be better to take the portable electric packer. In fact, this is not the case. The electric packer is mainly aimed at pallet goods and pallet goods. It is more suitable to use kbq-m200 as a small machine for packaging cartons and cartons

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