The package in the express. What gas does it contain? Is it harmful?

is nitrogen, harmless

due to the chemical inertia of nitrogen, it is often used as a protective gas, such as melons and fruits, food, bulb filling and inflation. In order to prevent some objects from being oxidized by oxygen when exposed to air, filling the granary with nitrogen can prevent the grain from mildew and germination and keep it for a long time. Liquid nitrogen can also be used as refrigerant

as a refrigerant, it is often used in the surgery of removing spots, bags, beans, etc. in the hospital, that is, the spots, bags, beans, etc. are frozen, but scars are easy to appear, so it is not recommended to use. High purity nitrogen is used as carrier gas for chromatograph and other instruments. Used as shielding gas for bright annealing of copper tubes. It is used as laser gas of laser cutting machine together with high-purity helium and high-purity carbon dioxide

used as protective gas for aluminum products, aluminum profile processing, aluminum thin rolling and so on. Used as shielding gas for reflow welding and wave soldering to improve welding quality. It is used as a protective gas in the production of float glass to prevent tin bath oxidation

extended data:

it is understood that the non environmental problems in express packaging are highlighted in the excessive packaging of packages, the non environmental protection of materials used, and the non recycling of packaging materials

one express package, including waybill, envelope, plastic bag, adhesive tape and other packaging materials. Some also need to be covered with cartons, woven bags and filled with buffer materials, which are stacked layer by layer. The survey shows that 55.6% of consumers will directly discard the packaging after receiving the express

the 2017 report on the development status and trend of green packaging in the field of express delivery in China (hereinafter referred to as the report) released by the State Post Office shows that in 2016, the National Express consumed about 3.2 billion woven bags, 6.8 billion plastic bags, 3.7 billion packaging boxes and 330 million rolls of tape

these materials not only consume a lot of resources, but also cause serious environmental pollution after being simply discarded

take the express packaging plastic bag with the fastest growth in consumption as an example. Its material is mostly low-density polyethylene, which contains plasticizer, flame retardant and other harmful substances. Dioxin will be produced during incineration, which will seriously affect human health and cause air pollution; The main material of the sealing tape is PVC. If it is buried in the soil, it will not degrade in 100 years. In addition, there are about 182000 tons of corrugated board wasted every year due to excessive express packaging, equivalent to 1547 hectares of forest

according to the calculation of the State Post Office, during the “double 11” period in 2017 alone, more than 1.5 billion express packages were produced in China. If 200 grams of garbage is generated by each express, 1.5 billion express will produce 300000 tons of garbage

according to the latest data of the State Post Office, in 2017, the National Express business completed 40.1 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 28%, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years. According to this calculation, more than 8 million tons of solid waste are produced in a year. The figures show that the number of express packages completed in China every year is still growing at a rate of about 10 billion

more and more waste is generated by express delivery, but there is little recycling. Zhu Lei, vice president of Qingdao Research Institute of Beijing Institute of printing, once revealed in an interview that the overall recovery rate of packaging waste in China is less than 20%, of which less than half of cartons are recovered, while the recovery rate of plastic components such as filler and tape in express packaging is almost zero

Jiao Zheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Express Association, told outlook Oriental weekly that express companies are facing more requirements in terms of environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. At the same time, the rising price of base paper and the pressure of public opinion are also forcing enterprises to adopt a greener way of logistics

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there is no dangerous gas
just ordinary air! Barrier express goods touch and damage!

pure air can prevent the contents from being damaged during transportation
for example, there are basically two air bags in the express box where Dangdang sells books, which are the same.

the air column of express delivery is harmless to the air in order to protect the Express items.

the filler protects the objects inside and is non-toxic

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