How much does an egg cost?

the ratio of feed to egg is generally 2.8:1, that is, 2.8 kg of feed is exchanged for 1 kg of egg (this ratio is also included in the feed eaten by the chicken before laying). 2.8 kg of feed is equivalent to 3 yuan, and 8 kg of eggs cost less than 40 cents

a chicken has about 2.5 liang of feed a day. The feed is about X yuan per kilogram, that is, each chicken consumes 0.125 * x yuan per day.
a chicken produces one egg a day,
an egg is about oneortwo,
20 eggs have only one kilogram. The cost price per kilogram is about 0.125 * x * 20 yuan. An egg is 0.125*x
the chicken’s appetite is basically unchanged, so it depends on the feed price for a period of time

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