a chicken has about 2.5 liang of feed a day. The feed is about X yuan per kilogram, that is, each chicken consumes 0.125*x yuan per day. A chicken produces one egg a day. An egg is about oneortwo. Only 20 eggs have one kilogram. The cost price per kilogram is about 0.125*x*20 yuan. An egg is 0.125*x chicken. The food consumption is basically unchanged, so it depends on the feed price for a period of time

cost of purchased inventory:

enterprise purchased inventory mainly includes raw materials and commodities. The cost of purchased inventory refers to the purchase cost of inventory. It refers to all expenses incurred by an enterprise from purchase to receipt, including purchase price, relevant taxes, transportation fees, handling fees, insurance premiums and other expenses that can be attributed to the purchase cost of inventory

1. The purchase price of inventory refers to the price listed in the invoice of the materials or commodities purchased by the enterprise, but does not include the value-added tax that can be deducted according to the regulations

2. Relevant taxes on inventories refer to the taxes that should be included in the inventory purchase cost, such as import tariff, consumption tax, resource tax and non deductible value-added tax input tax incurred by enterprises in purchasing, self-made or entrusted processing inventories

3. Other expenses that can be attributed to the inventory purchase cost, i.e. the expenses other than the above items in the purchase cost that can be attributed to the inventory purchase cost, such as storage expenses, packaging expenses, reasonable losses during transportation, selection and sorting expenses before warehousing, etc

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